friendship force

New Zealand

South Taranaki

  • Official Name: The Friendship Force of South Taranaki Inc.
  • Club Membership: 38
  • Number of Ambassadors our club can host: Up to 16
  • Membership Subscriptions: $40 per person
  • Closest major airport: New Plymouth
  • Transport to South Taranaki: Air New Zealand ( operates frequent flights in and out of our nearest airport of New Plymouth. A bus can be arranged for the hour travel to Hawera. Bus services from other centres pass through our town. Our local bus company can arrange to pick up and bring Ambassadors to Hawera. This can be either direct or over several days so that Ambassadors can further experience and have a scenic view of our beautiful country.

About the club

Formed in July 1986, the South Taranaki Friendship Force is one of several clubs located in the lower half of the North island. Our club is centered in Hawera, a town with a population of approximately 10,000; members live with in a radius of 25 km. We like to welcome two or three inward journeys each year and try to have one outward journey. Our members may also join other clubs' journeys. We have approximately 38 members.


Taranaki is the name of our region and is dominated by Mount Taranaki a 2518m dormant volcano which is sited in the centre of our region.   We are on the western side of the North Island and surrounded on three sides by the Tasman Sea.

Dairy farming is our major industry and we have a large multi-product milk processing plant in Hawera which employs over a 1000 people.

Because of our rich volcanic soil and mild season the cows are grass fed all year round, and our region abounds with many beautiful gardens, parks and native bush.   The best time to view the gardens is October/November when many are open to the public.   The coast in our area is renowned for walking, swimming, surfing and fishing.


While here with us in Hawera we take our Ambassadors to a working dairy farm, and we visit such places as the Rotokare Wildlife Reserve.   We take our Ambassadors for walks on the mountain and also to our rugged coast.   We have a mayoral reception as well.   Most of all we try to give you the opportunity to meet with not only your Hosts but as many club members and locals as possible.